Friday, April 8, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 8: Old Picture of Me

This is kind of a fun entry for me because it takes me back to my childhood. Anyone who has read this blog for very long or who knows me personally knows that I am part of an amazing family and I had a terrific childhood. So looking back at pictures brings back positive memories. I couldn't decide which to use, so I just put all three of them on here.
This is a family photo. That's me on the far left. Being a mama's boy,
I'm obviously right beside my mommy. Dad, of course, is to her left.
On the far end is my sister Barb. She's the second oldest. Behind me
is my brother Don. I have no idea why he looks like he's holding his
breath like that. Between Mom and Dad is my brother Dave. He's the
oldest. I feel very much like I look like a Muppet in this picture.

I'm just a bit older in this one. The tiny person in the corner is me as well.
The first is a picture Mom had done somewhere. Can't remember where.
The small one was, I think, a school picture. I look awfully smug in that
one for some reason. The best part of the larger one is that it really captures
me--a combination of happy and clueless.

This is my senior picture from high school. You can't tell, but that's a
corduroy suit. Yeah, I was a fashion plate even then. In all humility,
I think I was a pretty good looking guy back then. Before the hair loss
and the head rounding. I now look like how I imagine Charlie Brown
would probably look as an adult.

There you go. Me in all my glory. Stay tuned. Tomorrow's post is all about my first celebrity crush!


  1. Wow.. Now I am super curious. What was your mom like? Does she and your father live nearby? Do you visit your siblings? First celebrity crush... Hmm I liked Gilbert Blythe but he was in a book. Oh and Mickey Rooney! Then again, I wished I was more like Gidget Hmmm... Tammy and the Bachelor... Heck, I am ready to sit in a window and sing... I hear the cottonwoods whisp'rin' above. Tammy! Tammy! Tammy's in love! The ole hootie owl hootie-hoo's to the dove. Go ahead and sing, I bet you know the words!

    Golly Johnboy, you are like the Waltons... Goodnight Barb, Goodnight Don, Goodnight Dave, And Goodnight to your parents.... Now imagine that great song by Lawrence Welk at the end of his show.. I am humming it now.

    1. My mom and dad are amazing people. And yes, they live close. As in the next room. I moved in with them after I got divorced, and since they're both over 80, I'm staying to help them out.

      Funny story about John Boy. Mom and Dad actually found writing tablets just like his for me and I wrote a lot of my stories as a child on them.

  2. "Those were lean years, and for many Americans a harsh and bitter time. On Waltons Mountain we were sustained with poems and gingerbread and laughter and sharing, but most of all by a remarkable mother and father. The house in which we were born and raised is still there, still home, and on the winds that sigh along those misted blue ridged mountains our voices must echo still".

    1. That was pretty much us, except for the mountain part.

  3. Replies
    1. I was never itty bitty. I was built much like Samuel. It looked like I had rubber bands around my wrists.