Monday, April 11, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 11: If I Won The Lottery

This is day 11 of my 30 day challenge. That means I'm officially in the middle third of the month, which doesn't seem remotely possible. The month will be over before I know it, which will be doubly sad because it will also mean that my trip with my school's choir to Toronto will be over too. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Today's topic is what I'd do if I won the lottery.
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First of all, I'll never win the lottery, unless someone gifts me a ticket, because I never play and never will. I'm morally opposed to it, not because I am opposed to the concept of gambling, but because I see it as a hidden tax on the poor. That having been said, what would I do with the money if I did get it? I'd do several things, the first three being responsible and then the rest would be fun.

--Give a bunch of it away. Part would go to my church, Emmanuel Baptist, because I feel like we do a lot of amazing ministries, helping the needy and disenfranchised. I would also give some to Habitat, which is my favorite charity. And I would pay off any of my siblings' debts too. And I would give something DC Comics related to my friends the Schoenhuts and something Marvel Comics related to my friends the Delgados. 

--Set up a scholarship. Specifically, I would set up three writing scholarships, one for each of my county's three public high schools. Depending on the jackpot, they may not be huge, but anything I can do to encourage young writers is something I want to do.

Typewriter, Book, Notebook, Paper, Writing, Write--Put enough away that I won't be hurting for money the rest of my life and then become a full-time writer. I would finish whatever year I'm teaching and then retire. I really do love my kids, but I really don't love much of anything else about teaching anymore. And I find such great joy in writing.

Lake, Ireland, Lande--Travel. The two places I've always wanted to go are Ireland and Hawaii. I'd spend a month in each place. And then I'd go to New York City long enough to see every Broadway show I want to see. 

North Caroline, Lighthouse, East Coast, Outer Banks--New car and new house. Not fancy ones, either. I don't care about that. I'd actually probably get some sort of SUV, like a Ford Escape, and a house in the country that's in good shape, but small. I don't want a huge place that takes forever to clean and costs a fortune to maintain. I don't even need a ton of land. Just enough to be able to take walks in the woods. If the jackpot is big enough, I'd also buy a place on the Outer Banks to live in and rent out when I'm home. 

Wow, I'm a really boring person, aren't I? I just don't want to be one of those people whose life gets destroyed by money. Not that it's likely to be an issue anyway.  


  1. I would give a bunch of money away too. Interesting about the burden of tax. Never thought about it that way. We don't play it but that is because I am very frugal.

    Hey guess what, I know an author and woman who worked and has a bit of a name in the comic world. Her husband too. Friends with some fellow name Stan Lee. "Irene Vartanoff" is her name and she in my book club that I attend. I will ask if she has any cool stuff to give to a comic fan.

    Well Johnboy, it is late and I am tired so Good night!

    1. If she got me something from Stan Lee, I might drop dead from excitement! He's the Godfather for comic book nerds.

  2. I like how you would set aside a bit for DC & Marvel. That had me smiling!

    1. Could you see Jonathan's face if I drove up with a full-size statue of Wolverine?