Tuesday, April 26, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 26: What Makes Me Feel Better, Always

It's day 26 of my challenge and today's topic is something that always makes me feel better. No, that's the topic. Something that makes me feel better. There are actually a few answers to this one. So I'll tell you all of the ones I can think of.

Person, Clinic, Cross, Religion, Sunset, Human, GodFirst is my relationship with God. I started to say my faith, but that's the beauty of Christianity that makes it different than any other religion. It's actually not a religion or a system of requirements. It's a relationship. All I have to do is acknowledge that I'm sinful and fall short of perfection and accept that Christ died for all my sins. When I'm struggling with my self-worth, all I have to do is remember that the God of all creation loved me enough to do that. Then I feel better.

Shadow, Beach, Thoughts, Sand, By Sunsets, Ocean
Second is hugs. If I'm struggling, a good warm hug from a loved one really makes all the difference in the world. On Saturday, I got to see a special young lady who is a former student of mine. She's extremely special to me and I hadn't seen her, for all intents and purposes, since last summer. It felt so good to hug her after not getting to see her for so long (I miss you already Sam). And I have friends at church who just seem to know when I need a hug. A well-timed hug is just the best. It's saying I love you, only with arms instead of words.

Clef, Music, Lines, Notenblatt, Treble Clef, TonkunstThird is music. Specifically, Michael Buble music. If I'm tired or discouraged at school, all I have to do is blast some Buble and I'm feeling good. Actually, "Feelin' Good" is one of my favorites of his. Another that I really like is "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You." It's a cover of the James Taylor tune, but it's a completely different song the way my friend Michael sings it. It's got a real drive to it, like it's being pushed along by a well stoked steam engine. "Stardust Melody" is just like butter it's so smooth. But none of these compare to "Home", which is my favorite song of all time.

Here's Michael singing one of my favorites. I linked "Home" in a previous post, so I chose "Stardust Melody."

So what makes you feel better every time?


  1. Now that is a real tough question to answer Johnboy. I will have to ponder that a bit.

  2. Now that is a real tough question to answer Johnboy. I will have to ponder that a bit.

    1. I hope you can think of something. Not being happy is tough.