Thursday, December 27, 2012

An Encouraging Agent Rejection

It's that slack period between Christmas and New Year's when I have some actual down time.  That's one of the many perks of being a teacher.  One of the many things it affords me is the time to update this blog, something I've obviously not done in quite a while.

I've received several agent rejections since the last time I updated, but one in particular was actually encouraging.  It was the only one to date that seemed to have been from a human being who had actually read my query.  She even said complimentary things about my main character and encouraged me to seek out a professional editor and then re-submit.  My manuscript is now in the capable hands of Sandy Tritt, a local editor of quite some repute.  I'm excited about what she's already shared with me and look forward to finishing the process of polishing up my baby.

I'll update as soon as something new happens.  I hope that is quite soon.