Thursday, April 14, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 14: Timeline of my day

I'm up to day 14--nearly halfway there! Today's topic is kind of matter-of-fact, much like yesterday's. My assigned topic is to give a timeline of my day.

Smartphone, Android Os, Samsung, Galaxy S, Cellphone5:30am: The alarm on my phone goes off. My alarm tone is the Charlie Brown theme by Vince Guaraldi. It's calm and jazzy and cool and doesn't scream me awake like a regular alarm tone.
5:31: Turn on my computer, then go turn on the coffee pot. I don't lie in bed after my alarm goes off. I'm a morning person.
5:35: Open my email and read my morning devotions. Then, after getting a cup of coffee, I read and respond to the rest of my emails and check all my author-y type websites, like this one. I generally do these a day ahead and schedule them to go live at 5am, so that when I open this, I use my mailing list software to send out the email notification. Then I share it on all my social media outlets. After I finish that, I check the news and then my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.
Bake, Board, Bread, Breakfast, Brown, Butter, Buttered6:30: Breakfast. It's usually a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread, a banana, and coffee. I will often watch the news and/or sports while I'm eating.
6:45: Shower and get ready.
7:05: Leave for work.
7:30: Today I have a meeting with the Senior Cabinet. We'll be discussing fundraisers and senior shirts.
8:00--9:45: Classes
9:45: Planning period. Today is Thursday, so I meet with the other senior English teachers.
10:40-12:15: Classes
12:15--12:55: Lunch. I eat at my desk. There's a group of kids who eat in here too. They are a lot of fun.
12:55-3:20: Classes
3:30: Head home and have a snack. Usually an apple and an orange. Read or nap. Today, it's go over my lesson for tonight.
5:30ish: Dinner
6:30: Tonight is small group at the Delgados. This is my week to teach. We're in the book of James.
Bed, Sleep, Meditate, Meditation, Relaxation, Tired8:30: Home. Usually TV for a little bit.
9:30: Bed

Well, there you go. My day all laid out for you. Hope you don't use this to stalk me or anything. If that's what you're planning, everything I just wrote is a lie.


  1. Hmmm, I might just have to do this too. Yet, I am all over the place when it come to daily activities. I wonder what Jesus called his half brother James. I wonder what James called Jesus. You think Mary ever forgot their names or got them mixed up. Good you ate that apple because True faith produces fruit. Goodnight John boy

  2. Sorry I am long in replying. I was watching Netflix and then went out cold. The joy of a Friday night with no pressing requirements the whole weekend. I like to think my faith produces fruit. It isn't what it should be, but I'm growing. I hope you are too.