Saturday, November 15, 2014

News and More News!

It seems like some new exciting thing happens every day now that I've published my book. I'm sure this kind of thing will become old hat to me at some point in time, but I kind of hope not. It's a little like my birthday daily and having my professional life working out this way is a nice change from how things are going in other areas, even other areas of my professional life, thanks to the lovely folks at the Wood County Board of Education. But that's another post. This one is reserved for good news, of which there are at least three items.

First, my business cards/bookmarks are on their way! I thought that since I was an author of, you know, books, that it would be cool to make business cards in the shape and size of bookmarks. I designed them myself and they've been manufactured. Now I just have to wait, rather impatiently, for delivery.

Second, my books have started arriving in the mailboxes of my friends who ordered them and the ones I ordered for resale are finally complete and also in the mail. As I may have mentioned before on Facebook, there will (I hope) not be enough for everyone who may want to buy one at the launch party, but, frankly, they're what I could afford. Anyone who wants a paperback will get one (I'll even autograph it for you!), though you may have to wait until the next shipment. If you don't get one at the party, I'll take your order and when it arrives, I'll autograph it and send it off in the mail, or deliver it in person if you live nearby. I'll order a new batch immediately after the party, so they should be back in plenty of time for Christmas.

Finally, my Amazon Author Page is up and running! Every new thing like this just makes me stop and ask if this is real life. I have an author page on Amazon? Yes, it appears so. Here's the link:

button-Gaill-Blackburn-author-central-300x125.jpg (300×125)

I'll end with a request. If you read Harsh Prey, and if you like it, would you please consider adding a review on Amazon and maybe even GoodReads? Positive reviews are what drive book sales and, to be honest, I have no reviews at all. I would really appreciate it. Considering the unthinkably short-sighted decision the school system is contemplating, I need all the sales I can get.

But, like I said, that's another post.

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