Thursday, June 12, 2014

Louisville Update!

It's Thursday night, so in AP English world, we're finished with hump day! At lunch, we were exactly halfway through the reading. Well, unless you're a Language reader. Apparently they're running behind. I hope they catch up because Corinne is riding with me.

Tonight was a dine out night. Corinne and I joined my table leader from last year and a bunch of other folks. We were the only two not from Texas. We were going to an Irish pub that I went to last year, but found it was out of business, so we ended up in another place across the street. We had a good time despite the fact that our waiter was a bit slow--in pretty much every sense of the word. On our way out, Corinne and I noticed a statue of a Southern colonel, but something didn't seem right about him. See if you can figure it out:

We asked why he had no top on his head, but no one knew. The host said he'd always looked like that.

Yesterday, I took a walk and saw this:

Yeah, I have no idea. But it was a nice walk. 

I would tell you about all the essays that made me laugh today, but I signed an agreement, so I can't. It has gone well, though. I've enjoyed my table mates and ran into a lady whose husband went to PHS. Small world.

My brain hurts. Signing off now. Probably have pics from baseball and roller derby over the next couple days, if you can believe it. 

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