Saturday, August 8, 2015

Preview of IN THE SHADOW

Here's a brief glimpse at the beginning of the new Shalan Adventure, In the Shadow. It comes out this fall in paperback and ebook. Stay tuned for occasional short previews in coming weeks. Members of my mailing list will get the first four chapters free a couple weeks before the book comes out, so don't forget to join!

This is an EXTREMELY preliminary version
of the cover art.
Once I got inside, the wall of heat brought to mind the second reason I looked forward to our new home. Being on the third floor, or what used to be the attic, of what they call a "historic" home, a great air conditioning system would be challenged. And no one could accuse our AC system of being great. Or even a system. It was a large window unit in the far end of the apartment, where the bedroom was. When it worked well, it kept the bedroom comfortable, the living room livable, and the kitchen like a Turkish bath. At the moment, it wasn't working well. Basically, it was a noisemaker.
When I got to the bedroom, however, I was reminded of what really mattered. My wife was closing the last box to be packed. Deanna Shalan, Dee to me, had been the center of my being since the day I heard her singing in church. Now, she was carrying the other half of that center. Our little girl. I technically didn't know the sex of the baby, but Dee had told me a couple of months earlier that it was definitely a girl and that her name was to be Emma Grace. As Dee started to lift the box from the bed, I ran and grabbed it from her.
"Hey, now, you know you aren't supposed to be lifting."
"It's not that heavy." She readily relinquished the box despite her protest.
I carried the box to the front room where what I hoped was the last truck load of boxes was assembled. After that, it was just furniture. I chuckled to myself at the idea of just furniture. I couldn't figure out how we had fit all that stuff into a tiny attic apartment. It would probably really seem like nothing when we unpacked it all at the new house, though. Dee was standing with her shirt pulled up, allowing what little coolness there was from the AC to wash over her belly.
"That may be the sexiest thing I've ever seen you do," I said, putting my arms around her, placing a hand on each side of her rounded belly.
"Very funny."
"I'm not joking. I've never found you as desirable as I do now."
"I feel about as desirable as a beached whale."
"You look beautiful. Whoa--she's going to be a soccer player!"
"I think she's trying to kick her way out. Been like that all morning." She turned and wrapped her arms around my waist, placing her head on my chest. I kissed her auburn hair, soaked with sweat but still smelling of her expensive shampoo.
"Maybe she's hungry. What does she want for lunch." I broke the hug and headed for the door, Dee a step behind me.
"What can I say? She wants what she wants," she said, checking to make sure the back door was locked. "Actually, she really wants Chinexitalian if you can find a place like that."
Halfway down the steps, my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was a number I didn't know, so I let it go to voicemail.

Buy on Amazon!
Buy on Amazon!
I'm the author of two novels, both Shalan Adventures. Harsh Prey and Kisses and Lies are both available in paperback and ebook format (Kindle only at the moment). In the Shadow will be available around October 1. A prequel novella, "Harry and the Redheaded Angel", will be free to mailing list members at the beginning of November and for sale in Kindle format the week of Thanksgiving for everyone else. 

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