Saturday, March 7, 2015

What Is the Soundtrack of Your Book?

I'm ecstatically sitting in my designated corner at Panera Bread, headphones in, steaming cup of Hazelnut coffee by my side, and headphones blasting music. I'll give three guesses to anyone who really knows me exactly who is singing in my ears right now and the first two guesses don't count.

Sometimes I play instrumental music while I write, but most of the time, it's the same person crooning me through the pages. I've heard every song so many times that it's pretty much like instrumental because I don't have to give a solitary thought to the lyrics. They're part of me.

This made me think about my writing. So much of my composition has been accompanied by the same singer that I really feel like, assuming my work ever gets adapted for the screen (big or small), the entire soundtrack will absolutely have to be made up of his songs. I even consider as I'm writing a scene sometimes which song would work behind that scene. I can definitely think of a couple of the slower ones that will be playing provocatively in the background as Harry and Dee fall into bed. The one playing right now comes to mind.

Boy Superhero Listening to a BookI haven't taken it so far as to create an actual soundtrack yet, but rest assured that, after book three, the rough draft of which WILL BE finished today before I leave this restaurant, I'm going to take a brief break from writing and create playlists for each book. Maybe I'll even publish it so that people who want to can set up the lists and hit play at the appropriate times. Wow, I think I'm onto something here. Soundtracks for books. I like it.

If you're a writer, do you think about this? Do songs you love pop into your head as perfect to play at some particular point in the story? Surely I'm not the only person for whom this is true (not you're not and don't call me Shirley). Or as a reader, have you thought as you read that some song you know would play perfect accompaniment to what you're reading at the moment? I'd love it if you would comment and tell me if you think about this and what songs are on your soundtracks.

And by the way, the first person who comments on here with the correct guess as to who my soundtrack singer is will win a free autographed copy of my upcoming Shalan Adventure, Kisses and Lies. Please note--only guesses made directly on this blog count toward winning the book.


  1. I won't guess, but I think I know. lol.

    I like this soundtrack idea though!

  2. You get lifetime free books anyway.

  3. Since you noted the singer is a "crooner", indicated the gender is male ("he"), and that his repertoire includes slow sultry songs (which implies he also has faster ones), my guess is Michael Buble.
    - Jill Parsons

    1. You are quite the detective! That is correct. :) You win the book!

    2. Email me your contact information and, when the book comes out in a month or so, I'll mail you a signed copy.