Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Need to Learn to Multitask

As I stated in my last entry, my editor (That sounds self-important, doesn't it?  I mean the editor with whom I am working.) sent me her edits.  I should be working through them, but I just can't seem to bring myself to do it.  This is partly because I am afraid to dig in and make the hard changes.  But it's more about another weakness of mine, one that people wouldn't expect from a teacher.  I am just not good at multitasking.

I have until May 30 to get my National Board Certification renewal work completed.  It involves video recording, gathering artifacts, and doing 28 pages of reflective writing.  I've been working on it in earnest since January and am one entry short of being completely finished.  I don't work on it every single day, but, and maybe this is just me making up excuses for being lazy, I really struggle with the idea of shifting gears between this work and editing my book.  While I'm still not finished with my NBCT stuff, I have no interest in any other work.  There's this voice in my head saying that if I'm going to do any writing, it needs to be on the renewal or nothing.

It might also have to do with the fact that we're nearing the end of another school year, meaning I'm nearing the time I have to say goodbye to another bunch of senior with whom I've fallen in love despite my best efforts not to.  I start getting depressed about this time every year and don't cheer up until summer school starts.  This saps another modicum of motivation from me.

I guess I need to learn to do with my writing what I've already learned with exercise.  It's just something I do, like eating, sleeping, showering, and brushing my teeth.  I don't even think anymore about whether I feel like it (unless I'm sick or hurt).  So how do I get writing to be part of that list?  Suggestions?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?

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